is refreshed

Despite our core business is in our own country (the Netherlands), we believe it is important make us known in foreign countries, especially in Europe. The website already existed a long time but had to be refreshed. We have put on some more information on the site and made it more suitable for different devices (PC, tablet and smartphone). Also because our facebook page gets more and more likes we find it important to bring our English website up to date. During the season, we want to keep our stocklist on this website updated as much as possible and keep you up to date on current affairs in our nursery. Unfortunately we haven't been able to translate everything on the website. The plant description in the assortment list still refer to the Dutch text, maybe we will translate them some day. We hope you appreciate this website and hope to get in touch with you using the contact-form or social media at the bottom of this web page.

Kind regards,

William and Barrie de Bruijn