Diervilla rivularis Honeybee ('Diwibru01'PBR)

“Let’s grab a bite!”, said Bee. “Great idea! Where do we meet?”, answered Butterfly. “At Diervilla rivularis Honeybee of course!”

We are proud to introduce our new striking newcomer to the Diervilla range “Diervilla rivularis Honeybee” this season. Different local Dutch authorities planted already a great number of Diervilla Honeybee to get a bee-friendly and low maintenance mass planting. Also bee lovers and beekeepers has a lot of interest in Diervilla Honeybee.

Diervilla rivularis Honeybee is an attraction for butterfly’s and bees. But not only for insects, with here distinctive bright yellow foliage Honeybee attracts everyone's attention! In summer, till late summer, Diervilla rivularis Honeybee blooms richly with bright yellow fowers. Honeybee has a nice compact and bushy growth habit. Honeybee can be 80cm high and 100cm width.

Honeybee is not susceptible to disease and pests and is maintenance free. In spring, before radiating of the plants, cut back or mowing keeps Honeybee young and vital. More new branches will develop from the ground so weeds get no chance to grow. Honeybee is very hardy, resistant to temperatures till -35 degrees Celsius!

Diervilla rivularis Honeybee gives a beautiful colour accent and is very suitable in a shrub border or mass planting. But also, because the compact grow, as solitaire in a small garden, terrace or patio. Just like other Diervilla variety fits Honeybee, because of the attraction and flowering time, perfect in a bee-friendly planting. Honeybee is a true “magnet for bees”. Honeybee still blooms in a period that not many trees and shrubs blooms anymore but the bee still has to collect food for winter. Width planting Honeybee in garden, park, public gardens etc. you help the bee in its continued existence . Place honeybee in sun or partial shade. Honeybee is not picky in terms of soil type but prefer a fertile soil.

Diervilla rivularis Honeybee brings life to the garden attractive to human and bee. This magnet of bees should not be missing in a bee-friendly planting.

Plant Height

0,8 m - 1 m

Plant, growth type


Leaf Color


Flower Color


Flowering Month



Sun, partial shade


Fery good

English name

Bush honeysuckle

Diervilla rivularis Honeybee ('Diwibru01'PBR) is protected by European Plant Breeders’ Rights under no. EU 20143343.